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AK Utilities utility locate for pipeline placement

AK Utilities provides an accurate and cost effective locate. If you are having a pool installed, building a fence, erecting a building or installing a pipeline give us a call. We will  go over your proposed scope of work and mark the underground utilities to help ensure seamless service to you as well as your neighbors and to aid in helping to determine placement so no damages occur.

After the work area utilities have been located:


 After your project has been marked by 811 and or a private utility locate company, you should field verify type, size and placement of the underground. Remember to maintain the utility markings or recall for the utilities to be remarked if they have been washed away or disturbed. Having this done will help to ensure  safe digging from beginning to completion of your work. 



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TWIC CERTIFIED for ports and railroad and government locations private utility locating

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Private Locate

Tank farm that AK Utilities provided the private utility locates for in TEXAS Oil and Gas industry

AK Utilities is a private locate company. We have been in business for over 18 years.  AK Utilities provides utility locates to both commercial and residential customers in the Houston, Gulf Coast region. We also travel and work in Louisiana, Oklahoma and the Permian Basin area as well.


AK Utilities Private utility locate for cell tower equipment expansion

Electromagnetic equipment is used to hook directly to the target that you are finding, This equipment uses an electromagnetic field to locate

Ground Penetrating Radar  sends a signal via antenna to detect the anomaly and provides a screen representation of the area below grade,

Leica Disto is used in measuring the Horizontal, Vertical and slope of the overhead utility to grade. This equipment measures distance to anything to anywhere !



AK Utilities is an experienced and insured underground utility locate company. We utilize Conventional Locate equipment, Ground Penetrating Radar to assist you in having the utilities marked prior to your design or your excavation begins.  We all are safety trained and certified and take pride in zero accidents or injuries

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